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Swapping Ad Creative with a Proxy

Like I mentioned last time I’ve been hacking around with some richer creative styles on mobile. Nothing that should be all that amazing, but I’ve been finding the existing tools and techniques a bit rough. To do some of the … Continue reading

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Testing Mobile Ad Creatives

So far a lot of what I’ve been using lately in terms of mobile advertising has been banners. Images. Simple to deal with, but probably not long-term a fantastic way to go. Especially for mobile, where the ads are supposed … Continue reading

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Mobile Advertising Attribution

The 500 pound gorilla in the room when it comes to most mobile advertising discussions is attribution. This is something that doesn’t really exist as a problem in the online advertising world, it’s really a quirk of models wrapped around … Continue reading

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First Six Months of Metaresolver

We just launched Metaresolver this past week. I’ve held off on talking publicly about a lot of the decisions that went into the process, cause I was never sure when we would find some new chunk of info that would … Continue reading

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Mobile Advertising Mediation

The topic at Mobile Monday Silicon Valley was “Make Money with Mobile Ad Mediation”. Great topic, there’s a lot of activity around mobile advertising right now. Overall my take on mobile advertising high level remains what it was a few … Continue reading

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webOS Open Source

I wasn’t planning to weigh in on HP deciding to open up webOS, cause like I’ve said before tectonic shifts with little short-term impact aren’t really that important to startups. However, I’ve been doing open source stuff for a whole … Continue reading

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What’s With the Recent QR Code Abuses?

I’m seeing a lot of QR codes spread around, popping up in TV commercials and in print advertisements. And in general they’re horrible campaigns. My favorite are the commercials that flash a QR code on the screen for a few … Continue reading

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What’s Working and What Needs Work

We had a great discussion in the morning at Appnation, big thanks to the panel for participating and Drew and company for making it happen. The point of the panel was to try to distill a few concrete principles and … Continue reading

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Why I’m Crossing NFC Off My List

I’ve got a list of stuff I would like to read up on and play with, and NFC has been on that list for a while. I’ve been really excited about the secondary stuff that should go along with NFC. … Continue reading

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JSON Bookmark Sync for Android

I’ve been playing around with a few different ideas lately, many of which include some statement such as “it would be interesting, but it really needs to interact with the default browser otherwise it would be really clunky.” So last … Continue reading

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