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Swapping Ad Creative with a Proxy

Like I mentioned last time I’ve been hacking around with some richer creative styles on mobile. Nothing that should be all that amazing, but I’ve been finding the existing tools and techniques a bit rough. To do some of the … Continue reading

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Testing Mobile Ad Creatives

So far a lot of what I’ve been using lately in terms of mobile advertising has been banners. Images. Simple to deal with, but probably not long-term a fantastic way to go. Especially for mobile, where the ads are supposed … Continue reading

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Nook Developer Fail

With a few new entries into the market recently from Android tablet providers there’s been a lot of noise in developer circles about the potential of the new platforms. For instance, the Nook folks had appeared at the Appcelerator developer … Continue reading

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JSON Bookmark Sync for Android

I’ve been playing around with a few different ideas lately, many of which include some statement such as “it would be interesting, but it really needs to interact with the default browser otherwise it would be really clunky.” So last … Continue reading

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Development of the Mobile Web

What is it going to take for us to see some real significant progress being made in developing mobile apps on the web? Since the Day of JS event a few days ago I’ve been poking at the idea. I … Continue reading

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Day of JS Event

The Day of JS event yesterday was fantastic! Thanks to Google and the MJG crew for putting it together and hosting. Great set of presentations and discussion, and I was blown away by the set of folks in the audience. … Continue reading

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How I Learned to go Paperless and Love the iPad

I hate paper. It served a good purpose for a long time. But now we’re stuck with the legacy despite having better ways to do things. And nothing annoys me more than the print, sign, fax/scan cycle. Recently I’ve had … Continue reading

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Meta-(Carrier/Operator) Services

Great writeup by the Vision Mobile folks about bringing the ‘social’ out of the operator walled gardens. I agree that there needs to be some cross-operator API that operates at a different level. Lets hope the WAC and the OneAPI … Continue reading

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Zend Server CE 5.x and XDebug on OS X

I’ve taken to using Zend Server Community Edition for PHP work on OS X. Nice self-contained set of PHP, Apache, and Mysql. Most of the folks I work with don’t use editors or IDEs that support the Zend debugging extension … Continue reading

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Mobilize 2010 Wrapup

I was at Mobilize 2010 yesterday. Fantastic event! Congrats to the whole GigaOm team, great job. Here’s some of the stuff that really stuck out for me: Mobile Payments The characterization of the panel that Liz lays out is pretty … Continue reading

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