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Mobile Advertising Mediation

The topic at Mobile Monday Silicon Valley was “Make Money with Mobile Ad Mediation”. Great topic, there’s a lot of activity around mobile advertising right now. Overall my take on mobile advertising high level remains what it was a few … Continue reading

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Dec Mobile Monday – 2010 in Review

Last night was our 2010 wrapup Mobile Monday in Silicon Valley. We had an awesome lineup for the panel, fantastic turnout, and great conversation. Having Om from GigaOm was spectacular, I got a lot of positive feedback on the dynamic … Continue reading

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Apps vs Web Apps Recap

We had our Apps vs Web Apps discussion at Mobile Monday SV Monday night, and unfortunately lots of folks thought we didn’t really do the topic justice. I want to thank Raj and the panel participants for making a go … Continue reading

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Why are Monetization and Distribution Lumped Together?

Frequently the two issues get tossed into the same basket when talking about mobile applications in particular. The most obvious reason for grouping the two together is that the main driver of both for most businesses is the app store. … Continue reading

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Evaluating App Store Opportunities

We had an awesome discussion about App Stores at Mobile Monday SV last night: Thanks to everyone who came out to participate and made it a fantastic night, it was a great set of conversations! Much of the conversation focused … Continue reading

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