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Mobile Advertising Attribution

The 500 pound gorilla in the room when it comes to most mobile advertising discussions is attribution. This is something that doesn’t really exist as a problem in the online advertising world, it’s really a quirk of models wrapped around … Continue reading

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Nook Developer Fail

With a few new entries into the market recently from Android tablet providers there’s been a lot of noise in developer circles about the potential of the new platforms. For instance, the Nook folks had appeared at the Appcelerator developer … Continue reading

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webOS Open Source

I wasn’t planning to weigh in on HP deciding to open up webOS, cause like I’ve said before tectonic shifts with little short-term impact aren’t really that important to startups. However, I’ve been doing open source stuff for a whole … Continue reading

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What’s Working and What Needs Work

We had a great discussion in the morning at Appnation, big thanks to the panel for participating and Drew and company for making it happen. The point of the panel was to try to distill a few concrete principles and … Continue reading

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What Really Matters to a Startup?

At Mobile 2.0 a lot of folks asked me why I hadn’t posted anything about the major shifts in the mobile landscape that have happened over the last few weeks. The big news items being Google buying Motorola, Steve Jobs … Continue reading

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Entrepreneurial Engineer

We did a panel titled The Age of the Entrepreneurial Engineer at Appnation yesterday. We never have enough time to cover all of the topics worth covering on any panel, that’s just how things go. And I think I’ve probably … Continue reading

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Churn Labs

The news about Churn Labs went out yesterday, so I can start talking publicly about what we’ve been cooking up. I figured I would start with a bit about what we’re trying to do. Frequently when I tell folks about … Continue reading

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Nokia and Microsoft

This is going to be that grandstanding “I told you so” post I promised a few days ago. When did I tell you so? In April of 2009, when I felt like the incumbent players in mobile had turned to … Continue reading

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Development of the Mobile Web

What is it going to take for us to see some real significant progress being made in developing mobile apps on the web? Since the Day of JS event a few days ago I’ve been poking at the idea. I … Continue reading

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Day of JS Event

The Day of JS event yesterday was fantastic! Thanks to Google and the MJG crew for putting it together and hosting. Great set of presentations and discussion, and I was blown away by the set of folks in the audience. … Continue reading

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