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Mobile Advertising Mediation

The topic at Mobile Monday Silicon Valley was “Make Money with Mobile Ad Mediation”. Great topic, there’s a lot of activity around mobile advertising right now. Overall my take on mobile advertising high level remains what it was a few … Continue reading

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Development of the Mobile Web

What is it going to take for us to see some real significant progress being made in developing mobile apps on the web? Since the Day of JS event a few days ago I’ve been poking at the idea. I … Continue reading

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Why are Monetization and Distribution Lumped Together?

Frequently the two issues get tossed into the same basket when talking about mobile applications in particular. The most obvious reason for grouping the two together is that the main driver of both for most businesses is the app store. … Continue reading

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Omar’s Interview on All Things Digital

Check out the interview that Omar did with Kara from All Things Digital. Kara’s a fantastic interviewer, and Omar always has interesting stuff to say. So even if you normally skip video tidbits (like I normally do) this one is … Continue reading

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Mobile Analytics from AdMob

The news is starting to make it out about the analytics product AdMob has in beta. Like mentioned before, analytics on mobile is one of those things it’s easy to do poorly and very difficult to do well. Even the … Continue reading

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Mowser WordPress Mobile Plugin Update

I updated the Mowser WordPress Mobile plugin that Russ posted a while ago and added in an admin page where you can configure your AdMob site ID without having to go in and poke at the code. I was considering … Continue reading

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AdMob Japanese

You didn’t think that just because I don’t work there any more I’m going to stop posting about it did you? AdMob just announced the availability of the AdMob interface in Japanese. Fantastic job! For months and months Wayne Pan … Continue reading

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Hacking N810 After Firmware Update

The folks at AdMob got me an N810 as a going away present: Omar took the time to poke around and ask Russ what I was lusting after but didn’t already have, and the N810 was at the top of … Continue reading

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Innovator’s Engine Dec 5th

I’m going to be participating in the next Innovator’s Engine event at Carr and Ferrell: Ads2Go: What’s Working, Where and Why with Mobile 2.0?. It’s in the morning on December 5th. Very much in the morning, the discussion starts at … Continue reading

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Leaving the Mob

My time at AdMob is coming to an end. It feels like it was yesterday that it was just Omar, Russell, and I listening to people say over and over that “the established ad networks are going to crush you … Continue reading

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