Got Hitched on Valentines Day

It’s official! The press release went out this morning, Metaresolver has been purchased by Millennial Media. And no, this doesn’t mean I’ll be moving to Baltimore, but I appreciate the concerns :-) I’ll be working out of the San Francisco office.

What we’ve focused on at Metaresolver is mostly different than what Millennial has been working on to date. We’ve been focused on programmatic media buying, assuming that the evolution of mobile will follow the evolution of online. And we’ve been focused on performance advertising, customers who are looking to drive a goal like an application download or a purchase.

Once we started talking to the folks at Millennial we found that those areas were really high on their priority list too. Some of them had already been started and just needed some extra gas, others need to be strategized and spun up. So initial conversations led to some pretty deep dives, and after the conversation got going it was pretty obvious where it would end up – with us signing paperwork to get hitched on Valentines Day. How sweet!

The end result should be that we get to keep executing on the vision we were originally going after, making mobile advertising more effective for both advertisers and publishers. But now we get to do it with unique access to some of the most highly desired inventory in mobile. A bunch of advertisers we were already working with were chomping at the bit to get access to the Millennial network via different mechanisms than they had available. That made a lot of sense to us. And it made a lot of sense to Millennial. When we set out to make that happen I admit we didn’t anticipate how it would end up, but I’m still going to assert we nailed it :-)

I’m sure it’ll take a while to figure out how to get everything stitched together. Most of the team is out in Baltimore currently starting off conversations about that. And once we have some of those plans I’ll probably reach back out to a bunch of people we currently have on hold. But if I miss someone and it seems like this shift should have us reconnecting please let me know!

Update: Jim Payne from MoPub posted some excellent commentary and perspective on programmatic buying in mobile on their blog.

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