JSON Bookmark Sync for Android

I’ve been playing around with a few different ideas lately, many of which include some statement such as “it would be interesting, but it really needs to interact with the default browser otherwise it would be really clunky.” So last night I hacked up a simple shim to take a feed of bookmarks in a minimal JSON format and merge them into the bookmark content provider on Android. I’ve been calling it, oddly enough, “Android Bookmark Sync”. Even though the title is technically incorrect. It’s a bookmark merge and not a sync. But I’m hoping that will change and I can add in a real sync. Source code available at github, cause that’s how I roll. So nice that Android has a content provider for this kind of stuff.

The README has info about how to output bookmarks in a form that the shim will understand. This is just initial hackery, not a real project yet. I just figured I would share it cause, well, taking some JSON and syncing it to the default browser bookmarks just seemed like the kind of thing other people might want to play with. If you turn on install from unknown sources you can download my prebuilt binary if you’re not into the whole Android development thing. Who knows, once I clean it up some I might even upload it to the market. There’s more hackery to be done first. Firefox Sync, I’m looking at you.

It’s too bad bookmarklets don’t work too well in the default Android browser otherwise there would be some much more obvious fun to be had.

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