The Web is an App (Via Diego)

Diego is updating his blog again! Awesome! Check out his “the web is an app” post for a laydown of how generalized web development is shifting. Things were already tilting in the direction of “websites” being basically a static javascript loaded that pulled in resources and data as necessary. Mobile devices have really thrown a few cans of gas on the fire however. Before it was just annoying when logic crept into display code. Now with multiple distinct front-end views it’s gone from annoying to painful.

The role of browser Javascript framework on the mobile end seems to be an area of hot contention right now. With behaviors optimized for touch devices being the headline item in most of the conversations I’m seeing. The Uxebu blog and Wolfram Kriesing’s twitter feed are good places to look if you’re interested in following how it evolves. One of the most significant recent changes is the rollup of the ExtJS, JQTouch, and Raphael projects into a new company and product called Sencha. They seem to be ahead of the curve in pulling everything together to build the mobile specific web interface on top of REST services the way that Diego is talking about. And their recent large investment from Sequoia would seem to indicate that they’re in good shape to extend that lead. Check out their online KitchenSink demo to see some of the interaction styles they support. Still lots of work to be done, but I’m hearing more and more developers saying they’re at least starting to evaluate toolkits like these for doing their mobile web UI.

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  1. theflew says:

    After reading the article “the web is an app” I laughed for a minute and realized 10 years ago Sun probably had a good idea with Java Applets.

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