Contextually Relevant My Ass

I turned on AdSense ads again. Somewhere in the random failing that was getting getting my blog admin interface working again I apparently overwrote all the customizations that I had done. Not that I make a lot of money from the ads, I just like fooling around with the publisher side of the ad network and keeping an eye on the little differences that pop up. Most interesting thing so far is that the ads up there on “This is Mobility” are for scooters and wheelchairs. It’s not like this site isn’t indexed already. It’s not like I sometimes talk about physical mobility solutions and other times mobile technologies. It’s not like the front page doesn’t right now include terms like Nokia, N810, Linux, carriers, operators, iPhone, etc. What gives? I bet the bidding on the term “mobility” from people selling wheelchairs and rascals is way higher than the bid from folks selling handsets or applications, enough to push out way more contextually relevant inventory just to see if the more highly bidded stuff manages to convert. That it’s even tried however makes me kinda wonder just how much the context really works, and how much the network is based on random flailing. Cover some certain relatively high percentage of the web in your real estate and you’ll get clicks. No matter what you put in there.

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2 Responses to Contextually Relevant My Ass

  1. DGentry says:

    Hmm. I occasionally turn on AdSense, and the ad targeting is usually pretty good. I write about embedded systems, perhaps there are fewer alternate contexts for those terms.

    I leave AdSense off now, it isn’t worth it. Fortunately Google blogger is free, I don’t have to run ads to pay for the hosting.

  2. George says:

    Just did a quick “mobility” search on, and guess what: “Mobility Chair & Scooters” is the first Sponsored Link that pops up…. As you have said, as soon as the high bidders realize the conversion is not so great things might get dialed down.

    Not to mention the contextually incorrect ads are actually hurting your eCPM….

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