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Skyfire 0.85

I’m not allowed to talk yet about what I’ve been working on for the last few months. Odd isn’t it? But information wants to be free fortunately, so here are a few other folks talking about what we’ve been up … Continue reading

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Personalized Economic Metrics

Quick thought for this morning. Now that I’m using Plaxo quite a bit more frequently I’m noticing that information like “number of updated contacts” actually tracks against economic trends pretty well. I’m betting that it tracks different for different people … Continue reading

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Contextually Relevant My Ass

I turned on AdSense ads again. Somewhere in the random failing that was getting getting my blog admin interface working again I apparently overwrote all the customizations that I had done. Not that I make a lot of money from … Continue reading

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Is Mobile Really Global?

One of the most common reactions that “mobile experts” have when new converts start waxing poetic about the iPhone is that the iPhone is just a niche device. “It’s only really popular in the US, you need to start thinking … Continue reading

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Under the Radar on Nov 12th

At Mobile 2.0 Rudy reminded me that he’s helping to judge the Under the Radar conference again this year. And he encouraged me to come of course, cause I’ve been hiding under a rock for months and that’s unhealthy. He’s … Continue reading

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