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Small Systems FTW!!

I had heard that there was a great presentation floating around by Steve Yegge about dynamic languages, virtual machines, and optimization. And I forget what got it in front of me, but yesterday I hit the transcript of the talk, … Continue reading

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Mobile 2.0 Event on Nov 3rd in San Francisco

The topics and schedule are now posted for the 2008 Mobile 2.0 event in San Francisco. We’ve separated out a “Builder Track” in the afternoon with presentations more suited to engineering/technical/design folks, and have an all day long Business track … Continue reading

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Rejiggered the Whatchamacallit

I hadn’t posted for a while, and then when I tried to found that my WordPress admin interface was all screwy. Probably something I did, but I’m not sure what. And it’s languished for a few weeks while I was … Continue reading

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