Android on the N810

There’s a thread at Internet Tablet Talk with amazingly simple instructions. I was up and running in just a few minutes:

Android home screen

Wifi networking worked, as long as you were already associated with access point under Maemo before you run the launcher to start up Android:

Android browser

It is kinda sluggish on this hardware, there are some keyboard quirks, and I’ve had a few different apps (including the apps launcher app) crash away for seemingly no reason. But it’s a fantastic first effort, amazing they got it working at all. Kudos to the whole team!

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6 Responses to Android on the N810

  1. Bundyo says:

    In another thread there are some instructions on stopping some services before running it, thus making it not very sluggish anymore.

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  3. aniruddha says:

    hi, i have just started to digg in android stuff. i just need to know how to install android on some device?

  4. Honey P says:

    How long does your gps take to get a location? I’ve had my n810 for a week now and have not gotten a gps signal indoors or out for 9min.

  5. miker says:

    The gps on the n810 takes forever. If I need to use it and I haven’t in a while, I generally find a place with a good view of the sky, turn the device timeouts as high as I can, and just leave it sitting. Sometimes it takes a few times going back and waking it up before it’ll get a signal, even on a clear day with no obstructions. GPS is not a strong point for it.

  6. Vishal Gaikwad says:

    I have made one small application in android i want to make that work in android.How to place and make the file work in android is there any compresion needed and which other mobile it supports please email me.

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