Rich pointed me at the MobileBeat2008 conference happening in Sunnyvale on July 24th. I would have seen it anyway, I’m subscribed to VentureBeat. But just in case there are others out there who aren’t for some reason I figured I would pass it along.

One of the principal complaints I keep hearing from people working in mobile now is that it’s always the same people at conferences and events focused on mobile. With all this interesting stuff going on the community needs to open up some and start to include folks working on things that aren’t really “mobile”, just applications which happen to have mobile components. Making it easy for those folks to build what they need has been one of the areas I try to focus on. Otherwise mobile just turns into a tidepool, not very interesting. So I’m really happy when I see conferences and events like these, folks working outside of mobile taking an interest and drawing in some new blood. Exciting!

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2 Responses to MobileBeat

  1. Agreed. Seems like a great forum/event…


  2. BTW, I’ll be attending… let’s try to meet for a cocktail, or two…

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