$dotMobi[] = $Mowser

The word is out now that dotMobi is picking up the Mowser assets. Like I said in my post about planning to shut down Mowser, the problem wasn’t with Mowser itself or the technique of content adaption or the mobile web as a whole. We just weren’t able to run Mowser as a media site and make the kind of money we needed from advertising. The folks at dotMobi however have a much different position in the market.

They’re already hooked up with folks looking to go mobile and in a unique position to offer the service without the hurdles Russ and I had in reaching motivated site owners. Like we discussed at the last Mobile Monday in Silicon Valley, one of the most important aspects of planning out a mobile business is to have the right partnerships in place to give you a strong market channel. Working independently Russ and I didn’t have that. dotMobi is in an excellent position to be able to try out some different models with the technology that made up Mowser – and has an existing audience and constant stream of new users to try it out on.

I’m actually out in Dublin right now working with the dotMobi team to figure out where to integrate Mowser and what products and services would benefit the most:

At dotMobi

It’s an excellent chance to explore some of the ideas that Russ and I knew we would find it difficult to put into practice, as well as a chance to work with some folks I hold in high regard. I had already been talking to James about Mowser when Russ decided to shut it down, so shifting the conversation to purchasing the Mowser assets was natural. I’m pretty proud of the way things turned out. Not the part where we failed and had to give up, but all the stuff that’s happened since then. There’s a real strategic fit with the Mowser code at dotMobi, it’s going to a great team with a genuine goal of making the mobile web better, and instead of just shutting the thing down and dropping it we managed to dig Russ out of some of that infamous debt as well.

I’m going to remain in Dublin for the next week or so (returning to San Fran on May 16th). In the meantime we’ll be figuring out how to integrate the parts of Mowser and working up some roadmaps. Most likely the Mowser site will not keep operating as such, though I’m not sure what the timeline is for migrating the services. Once we do have a plan we’ll post it to the Mowser blog to give the folks who are currently using Mowser time to switch off or change services if they choose to.

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12 Responses to $dotMobi[] = $Mowser

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  2. How could you bring California sun to Ireland?

    Now that the acquisition is done… the sun is gone again.

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  4. james says:

    Massive respect to the dot mobi crew – they are doing so much more for the mobile ecosystem that just running a domain registrar – providing resources, community, promoting mobile and now a transcoder. Good on them.

  5. Martin says:

    Great news guys.

    Good to hear that you found a good landingspace for the product you worked so hard for…

    Hopefully the deal ends the period were you were anxiously waiting for the adsense payout :)

    Respect !

  6. Jason Devitt says:

    Congratulations Mike (and Russ). Enjoy Dublin.

  7. Paddy Byers says:

    Congratulations Mike – hope it goes well.

  8. Congrats to Mike and Russ — I’m glad to see Mowser find a good home.

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  10. Congratulations guys. Great move by dotMobi, Mike and Russ… Mowser lives in dotMobi!


  11. Dennis says:

    Congratulations Mike and Russ on a nice exit for Mowser.

    I’m sure dotMobi will put your skills to good use whatever they end up doing.

    I’m kind of hoping they keep at least the transcoding piece of Mowser up as a public service though. It does a better job than gwt and Skweezer with most sites, it would be a shame to lose that.

  12. Really good news, guys, especially getting Russ out of some debt! Good to know that innovation is recognised, once you find the right audience.

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