OS2008 Homescreen Hackery

Inspired by some screenshots that came through my feed reader the other day, I updated the firmware on my N810 and installed a few new bits of hackery:

Almost perfect

Those are transparent homescreen apps, and more important than looking slick (if that’s possible) they’re written in python! Homescreen hackery here I come!

Getting the packages installed is a bit of a pain. They don’t one click install unless you install two packages by hand. I had to download python-hildondesktop and hildon-desktop-python loader from this site in order to be able to install and use them. And yes, download and install manually, the app installer doesn’t like them. Download them to your tablet somewhere, become root (I do that with an ssh to localhost myself), and run dpkg -i for both of them. Then you’ll be able to install the actual applets and enable them. w00t!

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8 Responses to OS2008 Homescreen Hackery

  1. george billios says:

    Nice, but how did you manage to make the round edges, because in my tablet they are square.


  2. george billios says:

    Nevermind just found the latest versions that come with round edges :)

  3. Khertan says:


    I’m the author of this transparent applet. As i dev it on my tablet in the train, i ven’t the possibility to send it to maemo repository as no tool exist to do it from the tablet. It s why i’m working on PyPackager to be able to upload packages from my nit.

    I hope that my packages will be available soonly in mameo extras repository.

  4. miker says:

    It’s great work Khertan, thanks for sharing!

  5. Wolfgang M. says:

    Seems like nobody noticed this:

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  7. Michael says:


    Thanks for your post. I installed everything. But the applets don’t work. When I tick the specified applet (Home IP, for example) in the Select applets window it doesn’t display anything and the tick on that window is removed. Any idea why?

  8. miker says:

    Hey Michael, sounds like you didn’t install the python-hildondesktop or hildon-desktop-python-loaded packages.

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