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Mobile Analytics from AdMob

The news is starting to make it out about the analytics product AdMob has in beta. Like mentioned before, analytics on mobile is one of those things it’s easy to do poorly and very difficult to do well. Even the … Continue reading

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Mozilla @ Web 2.0

Very happy to see Mozilla talking about mobile browsing at Web 2.0 Expo. W00t! Progress is being made, makes me all tingly happy.

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The Advertising Big Picture

I’m getting a bunch of pings from all sorts of advertising folks (probably because I’ve worked in the past at places like Overture and AdMob, worked in mobile for a while, and my current company is in the process of … Continue reading

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Maemo Screen Rotation

I was fooling around a bit with the screen rotation support for Maemo this morning on my N800 (didn’t want to risk mucking with the N810 yet). I would put up some screenshots, but for some reason the screenshot applet … Continue reading

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Unintended Consequences

Russ and I have worked on stuff together in the past. One of the interesting side effects of online celebrity (or whatever you want to call it that Russ has, blog popularity, name recognition – the term itself isn’t important) … Continue reading

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LinkedIn Unusably Slow

I used LinkedIn to try to help organize all the folks I run into at events and conferences, but recently Plaxo has really won me over. I love the ability to sync to local applications and manage my calendar, which … Continue reading

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What Happened to Independent Thought?

The reaction to Russ’s post about shutting down Mowser and his thoughts on the mobile web have me in a bit of a tizzy. Russ is a good friend, and I understand where his thoughts are coming from, so I’m … Continue reading

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Mowser Firesale – Everything Must Go!

Russ posted already that we’re shutting down Mowser. I was chatting with him earlier, and we’re looking to sell what we have already rather than just toss it all. I still think it’s a great service that could fulfill a … Continue reading

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N810 Geoweb Launcher

I was mulling some of the geo hacks for the N810 that are out there now. Maemo Mapper is a great open source mapping application, there’s a little app that geocodes photos as well. Then there’s Maemo WordPy for posting … Continue reading

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Bunch of Random Updates

A few things I want to get down as much so that I know where to find them next time I’m looking them as anything else. Installing Ubuntu using the version of Parallels I have a license for is a … Continue reading

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