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World Wide Web vs. Carrier Networks

There are a few interesting things going on with “carrier networks” on the whole that have had me wondering about how folks at the carriers/operators can be so painfully dense. There’s the problem with Sprint deploying a proxy transcoder and … Continue reading

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Social Sites and Supporting Technology

You know how there’s the general rule of some technology being mainstream when your mother uses it? Well my mom is listening to a podcast, the twist is that it’s a knitting related podcast that my sisters produce. I kinda … Continue reading

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Missing Reporting/Metrics in the MMA Guidelines

Thanks to Russell for pointing out that a new set of MMA guidelines is up for review. Apparently I’m supposed to post feedback in their public forums, but I’m getting a bit tired of having to follow discussions in other … Continue reading

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Sprint Hiding User Agent

I did a search this morning to see if there was anything related to the cookie issue with Openwave software. Instead I found a post from Dennis saying that it appears that Sprint has now followed Vodafone in disrupting the … Continue reading

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Mobile Cookies – An Openwave Problem?

Great post from the Mippin folks explaining a problem with cookies on mobile devices, in the US in particular. I’ve heard support numbers all over the place from folks. Some say cookies fail 50% of the time, others say they … Continue reading

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Google Ad Manager

I find this news about Google deploying a system that lets site owners sell their own inventory on top of AdSense very interesting. I was fooling around with a system for mobile publishers to represent their own inventory for mobile … Continue reading

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Mobile Payments Discussion Part 2 – FUD

The second part of a series of mobile payments posts I’m making to get ready for BarCampBankSF later on this month. The first part was a problem overview for the issues. This part is about the Fear Uncertainty and Doubt … Continue reading

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Automotive Mobile Monday

We had the automotive focused Mobile Monday in Silicon Valley last night. It worked out quite well, there were quite a few new faces in the audience. Two main presentations for the evening were Dash and BMW. The folks from … Continue reading

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Inversion of Control

A few of the things I’ve been playing around with on the side lately have the common theme of inversion of control. Making one side of an interaction consume something that it normally emits or emits something that it normally … Continue reading

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Reach != Grasp

I was surprised to see another SMS service that I hadn’t heard of, and apparently Russ was as well. But what I was paying more attention to was the original Radar post that got me to the service, which references … Continue reading

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