USB Host on the N810

Looking at the recent updates on I noticed a utility for putting the USB controller into host mode. I had seen Kate’s post about modifying a standard cable or getting a USB On the Go cable to take advantage of host mode. So I didn’t expect it to work when I just hooked up my USB flash drive with the shipped cable and an adapter, but it did:

USB Host Mode on the N810

Here’s a shot of the df output:

4 gig USB drive on N810

Sexy huh? So of course the next thing I was wondering was if my 250 gig travel USB hard drive would work. No dice though. Even with a powered hub. With the native compiler, thats a great little standalone system.

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  2. maria says:

    so what cables do i need to buy?. i found the main adaptor where i can connect my usb. i saw one on amazon but i dont know what connection i will order so i can order it all together. this is awesome cause imreally want to be able to use a flash drivee on my n810 rather than defending on my mirco sd card.ty

  3. tz1 says:

    That and a mini-b to usb-female-A. Carefully scrape off the insulation and either short or attach a switch between the black and brown wires. When shorted, it is USB/A/Host.

    For me, the filemanager autolaunches. My 1/2terabyte drive works (without powered hub) but it is FAT. It won’t do NTFS or HFS+ without additional modules (but adding modules allows even a CD or DVD to be read).

    Generally “dmesg” will explain why it can or can’t find something.

    You may also want to see if /media/usb/sda1 exists.

    See the Host Mode Made Easy on internet tablet talk or their wiki for more info.

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