I was walking by a shop the other night right downtown San Mateo, and what do I see? Jolt cola. So I had to go back today and actually get some to make sure it was the real stuff, and that I wasn’t just suffering from sleep deprivation based psychotic hallucination:


Yep, it’s the good stuff. Right downtown San Mateo too, it just doesn’t get much cooler than that. The place is called Candie Land, check out the reviews on Yelp, starring expert testimony such as that produced by yours truly. Most important, go get a Jolt or two and try them out. Tell them Miker sent you, maybe I’ll get comped a bottle or two.

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One Response to JOLT!!!

  1. Matt Croydon says:

    Man, I haven’t seen Jolt in bottles in awhile. Around here you can find jolt in 4-5 different flavors in these giant cans that look like batteries.

    Good stuff.

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