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While putting together the YouTube linking support on Mowser I noticed something odd. If I bring up a video from while using the cellular connection in my N95 the flash player errors out before the video starts up, but … Continue reading

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February 2008 Silicon Valley MoMo

I just posted the details for the February 2008 Silicon Valley Mobile Monday. Lots of predictions are pegging 2008 as a major year for the web on mobile devices, but folks working in the environment already are debating what exactly … Continue reading

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CSS Handling Updates at Mowser

Russ put up some CSS handling updates on Mowser meant to improve the presentation of sites when being adapted. It’s still pretty experimental, and we might have to add some different defaults in and expose additional controls to publishers. However … Continue reading

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Skyfire Launch – Proper Mobile Browser Behavior

For the last few weeks I’ve been helping out the folks at Skyfire with some bits and pieces of projects they needed some backup on. They have a new browser for mobile devices, initial release is for Windows Mobile devices, … Continue reading

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How Many Engineers Does it Take to Write a Weblog?

As suggested by Ewan we’ve now setup a Mowser Weblog specifically for our Mowser related ramblings. Which isn’t to say that I won’t also post stuff here, just that we’ll make sure any “Mowser info” will get posted over there. … Continue reading

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Testing out Maemo WordPy 0.6

I saw the post on Maemo Apps about the WordPy update. I just installed it and used it to upload an image to Flickr, now I’m posting from it. The image I uploaded is my Serial Experiments Lain inspired N810 … Continue reading

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Swapped Keyboard Mapping Techniques on the N810

In the comments to my previous post about remapping keys on the keyboard of my N810 there was a mention of editing the X server keyboard mapping file at /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/nokia_vndr/rx-44, which I assumed was a pretty nasty hack. But Daniel … Continue reading

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Mowser => Mowser Inc.

I just got the paperwork back from our lawyers making it official that Mowser is now Mowser Inc.! Russ and I have been hacking away on the site adding new features, fixing bugs, and getting publishers integrated. But we’ve also … Continue reading

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Total Mobile Access – Excellent Example of Difficulties

I went to the Pizza Hut site to see if the new store just around the corner from my house opened up and was greeted with a little flash animation informing me of “Total Mobile Access!!” for “How cool … Continue reading

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Resize Offscreen Window in OS X

I use OS X on my laptop and I’ve been moving around a lot and working from different places. I attach and detach a few different screens as I move around, so I always end up with the problem of … Continue reading

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