WURFL Community Participation Site

Luca recently announced the availability of a public WURFL database site that contributors can use to propose new devices or modifications to WURFL. Managing the large dataset that makes up WURFL has been a problem, so Luca is trying to open it up to the community and allow folks to submit proposed changes directly on the site. There’s information on the site about how to become a WURFL contributor and what’s expected.

I’ve seen a lot of folks complaining about the WURFL submission processes in the past, saying they wished it was more of a community direct participation effort. Hopefully they’ll follow up with some submissions now that it’s heading that way. There are a few things that would go a long way toward helping with the process I think:

  • A public view of the different contributors with some stats about their participation, pride is a strong motivator and people love to show off what they’ve done.
  • Being able to snag someone else’s working copy of the WURFL would be great as well. Everyone always assumes that exposing this stuff is going to lead to fragmentation, but it’s exactly the way the Linux kernel runs their process and it’s served them fine so far.
  • A browser for the proposed changes and some discussion around them. The discussion pages on Wikipedia prevent folks from going through the same conversations over and over again, I could see that being true for some of the decisions about classifying devices that WURFL has to make.

Overall I’m just really happy to see the process opening up, great job Luca and crew!

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  1. James Pearce says:

    You know you need to watch this space, right?

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