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You didn’t think that just because I don’t work there any more I’m going to stop posting about it did you? AdMob just announced the availability of the AdMob interface in Japanese. Fantastic job! For months and months Wayne Pan has been working to clean up the mess that we made of the AdMob UI early on. Regular users of the site should already have seen stuff like the cleaned up site stats and advertising management screens. Getting the interface internationalized and localizing it into a language as wildly different as Japanese is a fantastic step. I’m looking forward to seeing the other localized versions popping up.

Japan is already a booming market in terms of mobile advertising, so it’s a logical place to start. What I’m really curious to see however is how enabling advertisers in some of the less mainstream areas where mobile is popular would change the network. In theory you should have a big group of “local advertisers” that should be interested in any chunk of media you put out there. And here I mean “local” in the sense of in the same country, not in the sense of hyperlocal location based services kinds of stuff. I was lucky enough to spend a bit of time in Mumbai, and I was surprised both by how much mobile marketing there was (normally in the form of SMS tie ins for print, outdoor, and television ads) as well as the spirit of the folks I met at the local Mobile Monday.

I’m curious if the potential advertisers in those areas have started looking at the advertising networks to bring in their users. There was a lot of talk at the MoMo I attended about data usage not being high in India. However the AdMob metrics reports place it very high in terms of number of pageviews. I wonder if there’s a perception issue that could be cracked. I wonder if the current marketing providers in the area are working to protect their revenue stream for as long as they can and seeding misinformation. I’m sure all the SMS marketing going on there feeds back into the carrier pockets, and I’m not sure data revenue always would (they have a lot of flat rate data from what I’m told). I wonder, I wonder…

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2 Responses to AdMob Japanese

  1. Jim Hughes says:

    That’s great news for AdMob, and becoming more international is a key move for them.

    The AdMob site is looking pretty slick these days, but it’s rather ironic that there’s no mobile version, you ought to get them to Mowser-ise it :-)

  2. miker says:

    There’s an actually, with info about the service. There’s an alternate link version in there on the version, but to automatic forwarding. With people passing login info around for a site that contains financial data, it should really be HTTPS everywhere, and going through a proxy for it seems kinda dirty.

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