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Adding Pipe and Tab to the N810 Keyboard

I’ve been poking around with remapping the keys on the N810 keyboard and got xmodmap working this morning. I didn’t think it was available for OS2008, but you can snag the xmodmap binary for OS2008 from here. I used some … Continue reading

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Maemo Mapper on the N810

I fooled around a little bit with the mapping application built into the N810, but wasn’t too impressed. Sure, it could be useful for when I get lost and need to find out where the hell I’ve ended up. A … Continue reading

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Immediacy of Messages

Somewhat along the lines of the thinking about messaging that Russ was doing I’ve been thinking about using feeds at different paces. I use RSS feeds to get all my news. Seriously all my news. I don’t make a stop … Continue reading

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iPod Videos

I’ve been using VLC to convert videos for my iPod for a while, but recently had started having issues. Like one video stops playing after 45 minutes of an hour and a half long movie (something I discovered while on … Continue reading

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Redirection and Other Characters on the N810

A weird quirk I’ve run into while fooling around with doing a little development on the N810, there doesn’t seem to be a way to enter redirection characters (great than or less than signs, or angle brackets, whatever you want … Continue reading

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View in Mowser Opera Mini Bookmarklet

I was taking a look at a few things this morning along the lines of mobile browser support for extensions and customization. Following along the theme of Russ’s post about using Mowser as a search provider in Opera Mini I … Continue reading

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Making the Mobile Web

If you take a look at mobile websites on the whole you see a structure very much unlike websites meant for desktop browsers. Desktop websites do a lot of linking to each other, they feel very much like, well, a … Continue reading

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WURFL Community Participation Site

Luca recently announced the availability of a public WURFL database site that contributors can use to propose new devices or modifications to WURFL. Managing the large dataset that makes up WURFL has been a problem, so Luca is trying to … Continue reading

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Promotions, Coupons, and Incentive Programs

For the same reasons that people tend to think of the mobile as a fantastic advertising medium (always-on, highly personal, uniquely identifiable users, etc) it’s seen as the perfect medium for other forms of marketing as well, such as coupons … Continue reading

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Computer History Museum YouTube Channel

I just saw that there’s a Computer History Museum channel on YouTube, and it includes the Commodore 64 25th Anniversary event from last Monday. I wasn’t able to make it, so awesome to see that it’s online. I spent a … Continue reading

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