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Some undressing pics of the Kindle from Dr. Doval. Knows your name right out of the box… I kinda like that. But it leaves me a bit curious. What happens if I order one for my sister. There must be an option in there to say it’s a gift. Also amusing, his take on Russ’s commentary on the Kindle:

Russ continues in his vein of reviewing products that he hasn’t used based on reviews that others have done and photos from the web :-)), and explains that eink-based ebook readers like the Sony PRS-500 series haven’t taken off because they’re not pure black text on white background.


As it happens, I own -and use although less than I want to, for reasons I’ll explain later- a PRS-500 (the first generation, the photo that Russ has in his post is of the PRS-505).

Heheheheh! The whole e-book thing I find pretty amusing in general. I’ve used various forms of electronic readers since the Palm III. Hell, I even wrote two on contract back in the day while I was festering away in Rochester. And I’ve been using FBReader on the N800 a decent amount as well. So it’s really amusing to see Amazon come out with something of the sort.

So it makes me think, well, why? It’s not like the whole model of distributing books in electronic form hasn’t been around for a while. And it’s not like we don’t all know that DRM sucks and always kills the effort. And it’s not like Amazon is going to start distributing major works DRM free on a large scale (I don’t think at least, but it would totally rock if they did!).

And the whole EVDO thing, slick. Very slick. Don’t need your PC to sync up stuff…. hmm. Kinda sounds like the perfect setup you would need for a digital newspaper doesn’t it? Subscribe to a feed of data, it’s always there on the device no matter if you remember to sync it or not. Just pull out your Kindle and you can read todays news. I’m sure in a few months someone will be lamenting the lost art of New York subway paper folding. But still, should be interesting. The books side of things though, I don’t have as much of an opinion there. I’m not saying I wouldn’t do it, but I also don’t see too much to swing the normal arguments either.

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