Vodafone and the Mobile Web

The Vodafone v. Mobile Web fight continues to rage on. This time with Techcrunch UK picking up the thread from Luca, and with Vodafone continuing to deny the fact that there could ever be anything wrong with what they’re doing. I don’t know if they really don’t see the issue, or if they just decided to tow a party line and figure out how far they can take it. Personally, I don’t see any more how they could not understand the issue. There must be something deeper in there that they’re not talking about yet, for which breaking the user agent model of adaptation is necessary.

If you’re a mobile publisher definitely take the time to weigh in on this one. Vodafone appears to be willing to just blithely ignore and deny the issue, but I have to assume that once enough people make enough noise they’re going to have to drop the facade and really fix the problem. Or own up to the issue and start, you know, an actual discussion. Instead of just popping up and spouting the “we have already fixed the services that have problems” non sequitur.

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  1. David Harper says:

    Re: Techcrunch UK Article
    Re: Mobile 2.0 Conference

    Noticed among the topics to be covered – “Disruptive Business Models”…

    …is conference sponsor Vodafone going to share with attendees their experiences with that?

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