N800 To The Rescue, Again

I’m about to hop on a plane to New Hampshire. Not a well planned trip, not really all that welcome, but it needs to be done. So just to make sure I could just zip thru what I needed, I cleared my email inbox down to about 40 messages a wanted access to on the road. A nice small inbox is necessary when doing email from the ‘executive model’ Nokia E61. Otherwise it gets confused and generally crashes, sometimes hangs.

Good thing too! Cause as I arrived I noticed that I had written down both the fake flight info for my flight and the real info (one of those ‘operated by’ flights) but forgot to note which was which. Never fear, I have that message right in the creamy middle of my 40 message inbox.

So I fire up the messenger client and wait. And wait. And wait. Listen to music for a little while. And then bing! Messages synced. Except the message I’m looking for isn’t there. Almost none of the messages are. Just a bunch of garbage I thought I deleted. Weird, I must have screwed up and not actually comitted the inbox changes? Could be.

So I fire up the N800 running the open source Claws email program. It’s a lot more tolerant. It can deal with my screw up. And I connect it via bluetooth to the E61. Get that? Cause its important. Using the network connection from the phone, so theres no network disparity.

Claws starts up in literally seconds, shows me my inbox list, which does indeed have the 40 items I expect it to. Including my flight info. Yay! Man I wish I could get a Maemo device with a cellular interface. Theres just no beating what an open community can do. I hope Nokia is learning from whats happening.

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2 Responses to N800 To The Rescue, Again

  1. George says:

    lol@”fake flight info” as if Miker is trying to avoid the authority. :)

    But seriously, for folks that are on-the-go and need to locate *that* particular in box message from the “desktop class inbox”, the whole mobile experience could indeed be pretty painful.

    Windows Mobile can’t do it well, and iPhone can’t do it at all (maybe spotlight will come to iPhone in the future)…

  2. Jeff says:

    Thanks for the tip about Claws open source email program.

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