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Mobile Content Transformation

Tom picked out one particularly juicy tidbit from Novarra, and James Pearce points to the dotMobi response to the issue in his comments. It’s great! I might start using it as my example of why participating in W3C is useless, … Continue reading

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Stross Book Signing in the Bay Area

Charles Stross is going to be in the Bay Area on Friday Oct 12th! In Mountain View he’s going to be at Google for both signing and a reading, and the in the evening up in San Francisco. Fantastic!! I … Continue reading

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The Other Side of Flat Rate Data Plans

Tim Bray has a post arguing against flat rate mobile data plans from carriers. I don’t agree with the really low cost for data part, but his overall suggestions are something that’s come up before when we talk about the … Continue reading

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Vodafone and the Mobile Web

The Vodafone v. Mobile Web fight continues to rage on. This time with Techcrunch UK picking up the thread from Luca, and with Vodafone continuing to deny the fact that there could ever be anything wrong with what they’re doing. … Continue reading

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I’ve swapped from Gregarious to OMGWTFBBQ a while ago, mostly because it rocks on the N800 when compared to the other stuff I’ve tried. And of course cause I named it, so I think it has a fantastic name. Give … Continue reading

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N800 To The Rescue, Again

I’m about to hop on a plane to New Hampshire. Not a well planned trip, not really all that welcome, but it needs to be done. So just to make sure I could just zip thru what I needed, I … Continue reading

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Okay, Everyone In The Pool!!

Google announced recently that they’re going to start running advertisements from their existing pool of Adwords ads against mobile pages by transcoding the pages for advertisers so that they’re usable from mobile devices. I can see it being a really … Continue reading

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The Spirit is Willing

Unfortunately I seem to have made it through the part of recovering where I sleep all the time and gotten to the part where I’m awake but not able to do stuff. I think I liked the part where I … Continue reading

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Vodafone Transcoding and the User Agent Header

There’s a great thread going on in BetaVine including some real old-hands of the mobile web discussing Vodafone transforming the user agent presented in requests coming out of their transcoding systems. Much as I absolutely love Daniel, I have to … Continue reading

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The Book Habit

Hello, my name is Mike Rowehl, and I’m an Amazon junkie. I’m signed up for Prime, and I think 1-click ordering is probably the single worst danger to my bank account. Lately I’ve been running across some really interesting stuff, … Continue reading

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