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Jaiku IM Bot

I just saw that Jaiku has added IM functionality, with a nice mix of stuff in there. Posting to your stream, adding and removing contacts, commenting on other people’s posts, and even discussion channels. Very nice.

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Billion Mobile Pageview a Month Mark

Many people still seem to be pretty doubtful about the success of the mobile web and current usage trends. But I really like the symmetry in us serving a billion ads in less than a month at AdMob and then … Continue reading

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The Genesis of Company Lore

The DEA just stormed the medical marijuana place across the hall from our office at AdMob: I’m pretty sure that this is one of those days that will live on in AdMob Lore for many years to come.

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US 3G N95 Reality Distortion Field

The world is all atwitter with news of the new Nokia hansets, including an 8 gig N95 model that actually works on US 3G. I’m looking to upgrade from my European model E61, so of course I’m considering it. I … Continue reading

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Just To See If You Can

I tend to do a decent amount of technical work just to see if I can do it. Compile my own Linux kernel now and again just to make sure I know how things work, write an IM bot in … Continue reading

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Nokia E90 Production Issues

Despite the fact that reviews of the E90 have been mixed at best, I’ve been thinking about getting one. The E90 might not be as great of a multipurpose device for the business warrior as previous communicators were, but I’ve … Continue reading

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8 Random Things

Rudy tagged me for 8 random things, and now that I’m at home all busted up I have some time to respond! First, the rules of engagement: We have to post these rules before we give you the facts. Players … Continue reading

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Just Call Me Humpty

Last weekend I crashed my motorcycle and broke my shoulderblade (scapula for those with a medical bent) and a couple of ribs. Fortunately I was with Jordy and Noah at the time, who were kind enough to direct the paramedics … Continue reading

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Fear and Loathing in San Mateo

Apparently once you get locked into a serious computational network buildout, the tendency is to push it as far as you can: 6 nodes, 8 hard drives, 10 cores. Not too bad for a collection of processing I was able … Continue reading

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iPhone Tools and Services at AdMob

AdMob is going to be showing off some iPhone specific stuff at the Silicon Valley MoMo tonight. I’ve made plenty of comments about the whole idea of the mobile browser as a thin client for rich applications. Generally, I think … Continue reading

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