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Money Where Their Mouth Is

I haven’t had very much time to weigh in on much lately, actually barely had time to skim news twice a week. But I definitely want to give props to Google for stirring the hornets nest around the 700 MHz … Continue reading

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Mobile Advertising, Mumbai Style

I did get a chance to stop by the Mobile Monday Mumbai meeting last night and it was fantastic! First of all thanks to Veer and Rajesh for inviting me to participate in the panel, I’m always happy to share … Continue reading

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Innovation at Risk

You know I’m going to be getting this book as soon as it comes out. I’m pretty vocal about my dislike for patents, but because other companies use them I always end up working on some kind of protective patent … Continue reading

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Google Mobile AdSense

W00t!! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Definitely going to be “interesting times.” I don’t agree with what Russ has to say about our odds, though I do agree with everything else he says to say about the whole end to end … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Email Clients

While I’m in a timezone that’s rotated 12.5 hours from my home timezone most of my communication is by necessity asynchronous. Not a problem, I have email magic all over the place. Emails on my phone, run my own imap … Continue reading

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Old Bloggers, New Blogs

Russell Beattie is back at it again with a new blog. Which he used almost immediately to call me crazy. Fair enough. And Diego Doval has started up the much more aptly named I suggest subscribing to both immediately. … Continue reading

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Off to Mumbai

I’m about to take off for Mumbai in a few hours. My trip was supposed to start this weekend, but it was delayed because of paperwork problems. Because my departure date has been delayed, instead of heading home on the … Continue reading

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We’re in ur open source projekt, detectin yer devices

I was waiting for Luca to start talking about it publicly before I said something, so now that he’s put public word out that he’s working with us at AdMob I get my chance to talk about it a little … Continue reading

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July Mobile Monday Recap

We had a great MoMo meeting last night. Fantastic turnout (somewhere between 80 and 90 people) even though we have a holiday right in the middle of the week and lots of people were out of town. I assume that … Continue reading

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July Mobile Monday Tomorrow

The July SV Mobile Monday is tomorrow: What: July 2007 Mobile Monday (Location Based Services) When: July 2nd, 2007 7:00pm Where: TellMe Networks Inc., 1310 Villa Street, Mountain View, CA 94041 Who: Anyone interested in mobility Cost: Nothing!

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