E90 – Stop the Hate

My-Symbian has updated their E90 review based on a production unit and confirmed my worst fears:

The E90 is a quad-band GSM (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) and WCDMA 2100 MHz device. It remains unknown if a separate American version supporting American UMTS bands will be available at a later date… For now, the E90-1 model only supports 2100 MHz frequency.

Why oh why do you tempt me so Nokia? You keep saying you’re serious about the American market, but you make this American feel like a sucker for loving your phones. Please, stop the hate, and give me an E90 with US frequencies. I’m going to go sob in the corner while waiting, k?

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6 Responses to E90 – Stop the Hate

  1. George says:

    wow. First time I took a closer look at the E90 hardware. It looks really really slick!

  2. David Beers says:

    I may get one anyway and just used AT&T’s moderately tweaked EDGE network: http://gizmodo.com/gadgets/exclusive/iphone-data-to-be-boosted-by-atts-operation-fine-edge-265867.php

    Most of the time when I have a real need for speed I’m within a WiFi hotspot, and EDGE will probably conserve my batteries a little better. Besides, I find I drop more calls when I’m connected to HSDPA than EDGE.

    Yeah, ok… I might want to place a call with this. I’m not ashamed to say it.

  3. David Beers says:

    The hate is over, Mike. It’s now just a question of coin:

    You going to jump on it?

  4. miker says:

    Is that Dell version a US 3G capable device? I had heard it was still just an EDGE device here in the US, jut being sold through the US channel.

  5. miker says:

    Damn! This is one of those times I would have been happy to be wrong.

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