Mini Friday – Virtual World on Mobile Devices

Russ pointed me at the Mini Friday site, probably to talk about the design of the site itself. But of course I immediately got distracted by the project itself. It works very well on the E61, w00t!! The interface is really pretty simple and easy to use. And Russ and I manged to find each other pretty quick and have a conversation.

The project is apparently an experiment by the folks who do Habbo hotel. It mixes an interesting amount of presence and chat. When you’re close to someone in one of the rooms you can hear what they’re saying, so the connections are different than in an any-any room like most of the existing chat services. And you have control over setting up your avatar, which seems to always evolve into an interesting sidechannel for conversations and status. If you see me on grab me, I’m using the nick ‘Miker’.

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2 Responses to Mini Friday – Virtual World on Mobile Devices

  1. kenji says:

    mini friday is best chat. but how get new release? tell me..!

  2. Schalk Burger says:

    Hi. I find the idea of a mobile community on a mobile fascinating, and would love to learn more. Unfortunately my phone does not support Mini Friday (I have a Motorola). How can I check it out? Thanks for your time.

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