AdMob – Most Innovative Business Model

I’ve been told that we’ve won the Innovative Business Model Award at the Meffys this year. Which I find somewhat amusing, cause I keep having these flashbacks to 2000 when I was working at on exactly the same business model applied online instead of in mobile. But I suppose applying an idea in a new area is a kind of innovation.

Still, it’s true, that frequently when we talk to folks from the mobile world about CPC advertising in an open market it takes them a little while to grok it. As I’ve mentioned before, folks inside mobile aren’t really looking outside to find interesting things to apply. Which makes me wonder how many other setups of the kind are out there? Where else can you just pick up a model from the online world, wander into mobile, plop yourself down and “start a revolution”?

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  1. Congratulations! Mobile Net use is growing at an exponential rate. Admob has definitely secured a nice spot in the market. Even if another huge ad company comes along (yahoo/google) and offers to buy admob, they’ll probably pay over a billion for it and make everyone at admob a much happier person. It’s a win win situation.

    Mobile advertising is huge and I want it to get even better! Hopefully by 2008 admob will have some keyword targeted campaigns available in some form that will make this advertising even better, or at least more selective to what ads you have on your site.

  2. Clyde Smith says:

    Taking ideas from one sector and using them in another is a basic working device for me. For some reason that’s how I think.

    So when I was choreographing, I took working approaches from visual artists.

    When I was writing poetry, I was mostly reading novels.

    When I entered academia, I took what was happening in one field and applied it to “my” field.

    Restaurants do it all the time, taking an idea from one region and transplanting it to another.

    On the one hand, this is a tactic that anyone can pick up.

    On the other, I’ve found that reframing ideas confuses a lot of people and that not all ideas are equally mobile. So there seems to be a form of flexible thinking at work that seems quite natural to someone like yourself and quite unnatural to other folks.

    I’m kind of riffing here. Hope you don’t mind but I love seeing successful examples of this kind of thinking at work.

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