Tom Hume Posts about the Ghost Detector

Tom Hume has a post up about launching an application that was used in combination with a live broadcast in the US. I almost missed it, but Mario and I caught the end of the show. I didn’t have a handset that I could use with the app itself, but we did watch the other bits of the audience participation on the television and pulled up the website. I think the whole set of stuff is really interesting. I happened to have wandered across a program on G4 called Star Trek 2.0 a few months ago, and spent quite a bit of time poking at it. Since then I’ve been paying a lot of attention to audience participation of the sort, watching for what interesting stuff happens.

The Ghost Detector stuff is a fantastic example. Leave alone the question of ghosts and paranormal activity, effectively what they did during the show was build a distributed participatory sensor network spread across the whole United States. Usually when people talk about that there’s a ton of infrastructure cost involved. Setup the right environment and you have people happy to pay you to participate. Fantastic!

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