iPhone Ads

Some of the iPhone advertisements have been posted for all of us to drool over. Sure, eyecandy eyecandy. How does the device actually work should be the big question right? What’s the battery life like? Will the market tolerate just EDGE in such an expensive device? Will a completely touchscreen based interface work? Those should be the important questions.. but let me remind you of a crappy overpriced little gadget called the RAZR that still sells in mindboggingly huge numbers.

Fear the eyecandy. Respect the eyecandy. Understand the effects of the eyecandy. Admit it, there was some point where your heart skipped a beat and you thought “wow, now that’s awfully cool” before the more logical part of your brain convinced you it was impractical. I’m no expert in consumer behavior, so I can’t tell you which is more important – the skipped heartbeat or the logical analytical side of your brain. But I was sick for a while last week and ended up more exposed to the phenomenon of daytime television than I normally am. Maybe it’s just shellshock, but I’m pretty sure it’s not always logical practicality that drives what people do.

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  1. I saw some commercials last night for the iPhone and I personally think it’s pretty cool. It’s going to bring even more functionality to our phones and it will bring many more people to the mobile web which is fantastic.

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