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iPhone Launch Day

The whole mobile world is abuzz today about the release of the iPhone. George is standing in line like a good boy and waiting for one, which is where I should be too. But we had a bunch of AdMobby … Continue reading

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Nintendo DS Opera Browser

I just recently picked up a copy of the US release of the Opera browser for the Nintendo DS for “testing purposes”. The testing has been going well! I know what you’re all thinking.. “But Miker, what does it send?” … Continue reading

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The Path to Progress

Mobile web browser company DVC Labs has raised a round of funding. While it’s certainly nice to see something that could kick off innovation in the mobile browser area, there are a lot of red flags in there for me. … Continue reading

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E90 – Stop the Hate

My-Symbian has updated their E90 review based on a production unit and confirmed my worst fears: The E90 is a quad-band GSM (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) and WCDMA 2100 MHz device. It remains unknown if a separate American version supporting American UMTS … Continue reading

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Mini Friday – Virtual World on Mobile Devices

Russ pointed me at the Mini Friday site, probably to talk about the design of the site itself. But of course I immediately got distracted by the project itself. It works very well on the E61, w00t!! The interface is … Continue reading

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AdMob – Most Innovative Business Model

I’ve been told that we’ve won the Innovative Business Model Award at the Meffys this year. Which I find somewhat amusing, cause I keep having these flashbacks to 2000 when I was working at on exactly the same business … Continue reading

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Tom Hume Posts about the Ghost Detector

Tom Hume has a post up about launching an application that was used in combination with a live broadcast in the US. I almost missed it, but Mario and I caught the end of the show. I didn’t have a … Continue reading

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iPhone Ads

Some of the iPhone advertisements have been posted for all of us to drool over. Sure, eyecandy eyecandy. How does the device actually work should be the big question right? What’s the battery life like? Will the market tolerate just … Continue reading

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Amp’d Declaring Bankruptcy

Om has a good writeup giving an overview of the Amp’d bankruptcy issues. Aside from the actual info about Amp’d I loved this: “Amp’d had raised $360 million in funding, but in recent days ran into strong headwinds of reality…” … Continue reading

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Mobile AJAX

I was about to be a big ball ‘o negativity, but I managed to stop myself. After not being nice about the whole Foleo thing earlier, I was going to go right off ranting about the whole Mobile AJAX thing, … Continue reading

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