Growing and Managing Off-Portal Communities

Just happened across some notes from Dave Harper’s talk at MobileCampNYC, some great stuff in there:

If it doesn’t work on 1 billion phones, don’t bother with it. No rich media experience, all through the browser.

RSS is an easy transport mechanism for a shared experience, not just for personal feed reading. Start with some content via RSS and add community and sharing.

Next version of Winksite is already built on major standards: MobileOK, dotMobi Ready Report happy, generates mobile sitemaps automatically.

The broadband world doesn’t have a grasp of how much activity there is in the mobile world. Realigning around helping the wired world discover whats out there in the mobile world.

At Winksite playing the role of introducing the online world to the mobile world led to problems, social problems as well as general web problems. People causing trouble in chat rooms, harassing each other.

Winksite didn’t want to be big brother, but by providing the introductory service it forced them into that role. The “report abuse” link is being used by people to report physical and sexual abuse, not just abuse of the service.

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2 Responses to Growing and Managing Off-Portal Communities

  1. David Harper says:

    Re: Report Abuse. Just to expand on this a bit…

    The personal relationship people have with their mobile phone and the mobile sites they trust can be a deep one.

    When we added an anonymous “Report Abuse” link in the mobile chat rooms at Winksite we unexpectedly found that some people used the link to “share” problems they were having in their offline lives.

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