Mobile Web Server

Juka Pusa – Nokia

advantages – personal, interactive, context dependent. Web servers just need a little love.

technology – S60 3rd edition devices, python, mod_python, apache, http

mobile device. get your own domain name when you register.

differences between Raccoon and MWS – MWS is divided open and closed, original content source code is not available, but there are example python content applicatinos that can be used as a basis for new apps.

This is the first time theyre taking about it in public, not available yet. It will be at

key features – every website has its own domain, MWS settings managed in the UI, appearance of site defined through browser, gateway can block unwanted visitors, access identities are based on contacts, you can give user accounts and groups access to your web applications, when your site is unreachable a message is shown to the visitor, you can edit the message in the MWS settings.

MWS applications – welcome page, blog, gallery to share images, camera to send live images, guestbook, messaging to allow people to send you messages, calendar, send SMS from the web using your device as sender, phone log, contacts. is up whenever Juka isn’t on a plane.

Decided to go with a mixed open and closed model so that it could be made a little more consumer friendly, secure, operationally friendly.

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5 Responses to Mobile Web Server

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  2. This is very cool indeed! I wonder how it affects the general phone performance. I’m guessing this also isn’t a phone he actually uses for calls, seeing as phones put data connections on hold when a call is in progress.

  3. miker says:

    Not on the 3G networks apparently, it can serve a data connection and keep the voice channel open. Oh, how I would love to get a 3G Nokia phone here in the US… oh please oh please oh please let the E90 have US 3G bands.

  4. mabuse says:

    … and several phones in the market have WLAN, which makes access cheap and fast :-)
    I run the Mobile Web Server on the E90, that I also use as my phone – I don’t see the point in having to carry two phones … It does not affect the performance of the phone – except when launchuíng the Python component for the first time (then the phone is a bit slow for 5-10 seconds).

  5. Jukka says:

    FYI, we now have a dedicated blog:

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