I’m going to be heading out for the day to MobileCampNYC! If I’m a fan of any large group of people, it’s an unconference. An unconference about mobile even better! And since I never keep my mouth shut about anything even when I’m supposed to, I figured I should prep some kind of presentation or session of some kind to give my ranting some focus.

I could of course talk advertising, but given the day job I never have to plan to talk about mobile advertising, it always just seems to come up ;-) I could talk about Linux systems and open platforms (I have a few Linux devices, including a Greenphone, which I’ll make sure to haul out for folks to play with), but even though I play with that stuff a lot, I’m not steeped in it every day and I’m not sure I would really consider myself an expert at it any more.

So instead I’m thinking “Growing Traffic for your Mobile Website”. It gives me a chance to spout off about the stuff I dig around in every day, but at the same time doesn’t make me look like a total tool by just towing the corporate line. And there’s a lot of interesting stuff in there. From how to monitor and track the usage of the site, webmaster tools, search engine behavior, and discoverability to bookmarking and sharing.

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  1. George says:

    Have fun at NYC! I just realized I am going to NYC next week too! (for a short vacation). So I won’t see you in the office for a few days. :D

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