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Growing and Managing Off-Portal Communities

Just happened across some notes from Dave Harper’s talk at MobileCampNYC, some great stuff in there: If it doesn’t work on 1 billion phones, don’t bother with it. No rich media experience, all through the browser. RSS is an easy … Continue reading

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Working Around Banking for Mobile Payments

I love it when stuff like this happens, apparently folks in Africa are working around a lack of support from banks to create mobile payment systems based on trading minutes of airtime. Fantastic! A few more insights like this and … Continue reading

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Mobile Web Server

Juka Pusa – Nokia advantages – personal, interactive, context dependent. Web servers just need a little love. technology – S60 3rd edition devices, python, mod_python, apache, http mobile device. get your own domain name when you register. differences between Raccoon … Continue reading

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Google – Freedom with Speech

1-800-goog-411 What kind of successful speech applications are out there. TellMe, Asterisk. Speech interfaces not representing the low end. Letting people self service. TellMe is priced up too high. If Google wants to do something they should offer a low … Continue reading

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Notes for MCNYC

I got together some notes about traffic growth techniques while I was on the plane.

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Plane Friendly Mobile

Getting stuff done on a plane is always a pain in the ass. Sure, I’ve got the laptop and an extra battery, but actually using it on the plane, especially with the person in front of you reclining, is just … Continue reading

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I’m going to be heading out for the day to MobileCampNYC! If I’m a fan of any large group of people, it’s an unconference. An unconference about mobile even better! And since I never keep my mouth shut about anything … Continue reading

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Ubuntu and Scratchbox

I was feeling like I just don’t spend enough time with mobile Linux recently. So I updated the Ubuntu install on my laptop and set out to install Maemo. Ended up having a bunch of problems though. If you’re looking … Continue reading

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More Newspeak News

In further news about the continuing effort to dupe people into believing that crippling hindrances to their free will are actually good for them, HBO had proposed changing the name of DRM. Perfect! Of course, Digital Consumer Enablement is a … Continue reading

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Meta as I Wanna Be

Russ and I discussing Tumblr. I would cut and paste the conversation here, but I’m afraid space/time might collapse on itself if I did.

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