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A long time ago in a galaxy far far away I wrote a simple blogging application for Palm devices. At the time when I was working on it Blogger was still a standalone company, and it seemed like a blogging app would tie in well with some of the major trends that were going on online. And then the whole blogging thing exploded into activity, I started working on the server side of a bunch of stuff, figured the whole mobile device blogging end would sort itself out. I open sourced the app I had in case people wanted to play around with it.

And here we are a few years later, and I still get the occasional trackback from someone playing around with that old app. It’s not like there aren’t other mobile blogging apps:

But most of them are point solutions, focusing on getting images up to their own server or existing services. Back in the early heady days of the Atom Publishing Protocol and the MetaWeblog API the vision was that some generic APIs for publishing blogs would arise, and then you could use any client tool with any server side implementation. Bam, magic, it all works, no reason to work on a client app, it’ll all come out in the wash. What ever happened to that?

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  1. R K Bulmer says:

    You’d think that once standards like MetaWeblog appeared things would converge upon using them, wouldn’t you? Well one of the wonderful things about web standards is that there are so many of them. So any mobile blogging app has to support various web standards, on top of the big-name sites that use their own proprietary systems.

    At ShoZu we try to make sure we support standards, like MetaWeblog blogs and FTP uploads, as well as posting to the major online sharing sites, like Flickr and YouTube.

  2. I love Vagablog. Great app. I alternate between using that and NormSoft’s hblogger for running my sites. Hblogger has some more extra features (photo posts, for one), but it’s wonky with WordPress.

    Thnaks for the great app.

  3. miker says:

    You’re welcome! Maybe I should start maintaining it, the people who keep using it really seem to love it.

  4. Harishankar says:

    hi, its cool application. I am also trying out to write something like this for PHPBB forums. The application will read the posts and will also allow to post. soon will be available. :)

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