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Looks like March 11th is going to be the developer release of the OpenMoko phone. Fantastic, good to see some real mobile Linux efforts finally coming out public (the other one I’m following is the Greenphone). The OpenMoko folks seem to be doing a lot right. Take a look at the Greenphone forums compared to the OpenMoko discussion list. Way more activity on the OpenMoko side and they haven’t even shipped hardware yet. I need to take a read through those messages and find out why that might be.

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  1. mobiedave says:

    This is a bit off-point, but I was interested in your take on AllTel’s Celltop UI approach. From a user perspective, it has lot going for it. Particularly if you are a Mac user accustomed to widgets…which are the closest analogy I can come up with for the ‘cells’. Also, ya gotta love the data plan. $10 unlimited.

  2. miker says:

    The data plan $10 is fantastic. The widget development style for the handset is a good idea, but it’s just a “me too” effort until someone opens up the environment completely. I’m just basing my comments off what I saw on the site, but the developer info was nothing spectacular. People keep inventing and reinventing widgets on the mobile and calling it a revolution. Yet each effort seems to just stand on it’s own, learning little from the other efforts, and doing little to ensure the success of the development community.

  3. decat says:

    I hear you. However, this Celltop offering is the first one that seems easily accessible, crisp in its execution, available across a variety of handsets… even my dad can use it… and he is a technophobe. Agree on the developer info, but it is early days yet. I have not tried to contact them directly. What do you see as the competition?

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