Backwards, Stupid, User Hostile

I went to snag the Ruby for S60 app today cause I keep forgetting to do so. Yet I can’t download and install it:

Please note that the above .sis files need to be Symbian Signed. A DevCert (no capabilities are required at this stage) would be enough. A new version of DevCert Request can be found here.

Scuse me? I need to go get a certificate and figure out a signing process so that I can install a scripting language on my phone? Which I want to install because the existing development systems for Symbian are so backwards as to be nearly completely useless to me? And the signing process uses the tools from the development environments? How does this stuff happen? Guess I just have to step up the pace of my migration to the Greenphone. Nokia apparently doesn’t want the business of people in my particular segment.

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  1. Conor says:

    Yes I agree totally. What planet are these guys on? Programmer productivity seems to be very low down on their requirements. It’s 2007 and we still don’t have C++ exceptions and the STL on Symbian. There even isn’t an easy to use string class! It’s funny that on Symbian 9 leaves (Symbian exception mechanism) are mapped to C++ exceptions under the covers. Symbian should have used Symbian 9 as an opportunity to switch to standard C++.

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