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There’s an article about us (AdMob) front page in the Wall Street Journal (the online edition includes a video interview with Omar). Pretty exciting. Advertisers are coming on, the publishers are starting to make some really respectable money, and the ads served counter is slowly creeping up toward one billion. Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of AdMob, counting from the message that Omar sent to the Silicon Valley MoMo list. Yet not everyone thinks mobile advertising is worth attention. I’m curious what else needs to happen?

I’m assuming that the criticism is from the publisher side. That building an advertising supported business in mobile is still something that’s a relatively big risk when compared to building something built on top of web advertising. Sure, but that would make it an opportunity, right? There’s risk and there’s potential reward. Guess I just don’t understand what the hangup is. I suppose there’s always resistance from the existing models, maybe it’s just that. As long as we can keep the money flowing to people with interesting mobile businesses I don’t really care though.

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  1. li mika says:

    congrats mike, i’ve been watching your space. I must say you are one of the best mobile advertising solutions out there. I’ve recommended it to a client who is now using your solution and it works flawless! Excellent work, keep brewing… :-)

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