5 Things

Wendong tagged me first, and then Enrique retagged me. I should do this thing, here goes, you might not have known:

  • I got interested in computers when I was really young. I started out programming cause there was no other option at the time (my first computer was actually the same as Enrique, a Sinclair), but it’s suited me quite well. Most people assume I’ve floated out of engineering, but it’s still what I do daily.
  • Unlike most of the mobile folks I run into, I’m not much of an international traveler. I’ve only been outside of the US a few times, and it’s always been for something work related.
  • I go to Defcon and other hacker conferences as often as I can. Understanding how things break is just an important as understanding how things work if you plan to build new systems.
  • I think software patents are not just useless, but harmful to the progress of technology as a whole. Sometimes a person will tell me about the patents they’ve had granted as if that validates what they’re telling me. Usually I don’t stop them to give them my take on it, but at that point I’ve already decided not to listen to them and switched to looking for a way out of the conversation quickly.
  • I read a lot about stuff like the Singularity. I don’t think it’s inevitable, but I do think it would be fun. I’m rooting for it all the way, and hope at least some of the stuff hits within my lifetime.

I’ll tag:

  • Charlie Schick – Charlie is working on a bunch of interesting projects at Nokia, a US native living in Finland. He always has an interesting take on changes in mobile.
  • Dave Harper – Dave has been running the mobile community site Winksite for longer than most people have known that the mobile web existed.
  • John Kern – Organizer of the Symbian Programming SIG in the Bay Area.
  • Whoever runs E-Series – I know nothing about them, and it’s one of the sites in my short list when my feed reader is too full for me to read everything.
  • Ewan Spence – Because every time I talk to Ewan I find out a few dozen things about him I didn’t know, with varying degrees of astonishment and amusement attached. Five random things I assume would be pretty amusing. No pressure of course.
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