More Questions than Answers

I’m not going to choose a place to link to for it. I would like to talk about the iPhone, and I have to assume that anyone interested in finding any info about it at all will have no trouble doing so. I imagine that even if you don’t want to hear about it you will. Do I want one already even though I know little about the device? You bet. Would I knock over my grandmother to get one, probably. There’s nothing sadder than missing out on being the cool kid on the block with a new device. Except maybe drowning puppies. And it would have to be a lot of them.

Do I think the iPhone will end up being a revolutionary device that transforms mobility. No idea. I leave speculation about things like that up to people like Omar and Carlo, who have proven themselves much more insightful when it comes to overall market understanding. Me, I understand pretty much just technology and how to make it do stuff. And around the iPhone I haven’t picked up anything yet.

So is the “platform” of the iPhone pretty much the same as the iPod? Could be, like Carlo said, a kick ass iPod with a phone built in. It’s not really a mobile platform the way we think of Symbian or Java as a platform, but a media delivery platform the way people think about the iPod? That would make me cry. I want some sleek OS X love that I can slip in my pocket. The mobile gardens have been tending toward unwalling, and unfortunately this sounds a bit like a move in the other direction. I hope I’m wrong. Really hope I’m wrong. Cause I know I’m going to have to get one of these things either way. And I would love it to be something I’m proud of rather than a guilty pleasure.

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