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Demo Night MoMo in February

We’re having a Demo Night download Bachelor Party 2: The Last Temptation for the February Silicon Valley Mobile Monday. C’mon out and see what everyone has been up to!

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Stats Across the AdMob Network

People always ask me what kind of numbers we see across the AdMob network, what regions are popular, what handsets we see. Great stuff, that I have access to, but unfortunately I don’t have those numbers off the top of … Continue reading

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Open Source Device Usability

I’ve been pretty insanely busy lately, but that didn’t keep me from borrowing an N800 to play around with. There are little things that make the device a lot nicer, but the price of the thing is way way higher … Continue reading

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A Glimmer of Sanity

Comments from the mobile content industry can tend to be pretty amusing. Check this out: Questioning the effectiveness of digital rights management standards, Winterbottom added: “I don’t know how much sense it makes to charge people twice to listen to … Continue reading

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OpenMoko Schedule

Looks like March 11th is going to be the developer release of the OpenMoko phone. Fantastic, good to see some real mobile Linux efforts finally coming out public (the other one I’m following is the Greenphone). The OpenMoko folks seem … Continue reading

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S60 Platform Dying

I’ve had a bunch of S60 phones in the past, and my current day to day phone is an E61. I like the platform, I like the multitasking interface, recent phones I even like the design. But I’ve had to … Continue reading

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Backwards, Stupid, User Hostile

I went to snag the Ruby for S60 app today cause I keep forgetting to do so. Yet I can’t download and install it: Please note that the above .sis files need to be Symbian Signed. A DevCert (no capabilities … Continue reading

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Front Page in the WSJ

There’s an article about us (AdMob) front page in the Wall Street Journal (the online edition includes a video interview with Omar). Pretty exciting. Advertisers are coming on, the publishers are starting to make some really respectable money, and the … Continue reading

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Rails and Mobile Content

Couple of quick tips for creating content meant for mobile devices using Ruby on Rails: You’ll probably want to setup a new default layout for all templates. You can do that by creating app/views/layouts/application.rhtml and populating it with whatever you … Continue reading

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5 Things

Wendong tagged me first, and then Enrique retagged me. I should do this thing, here goes, Five things about me you might not have known: I got interested in computers when I was really young. I started out programming cause … Continue reading

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