Greenphone – shipped, snagged, installed, compiled, w3wt!

My Greenphone came this morning. I hid it from myself during the day so that actual work would get done. But once I got home this evening I decided that I would get an app compiled myself installed on this thing before the end of the night. While not quite as slick as the SDK layout for the Nokia 770, the Greenphone SDK (and the device itself) definitely seems like it’s very well setup for developers. The ISO image containing the SDK is actually a VMware images containing a configured Debian desktop system all setup for doing emulated or native compiles. Looks like this running:

Greenphone SDK under Linux

So what if you already have a Debian desktop and just want to grab the tools? That I’m not sure about. I did the install for this on my Ubuntu system actually, and far and away the hardest part was getting VMware installed and working. There were a few other very minor issues: For some reason one of the files that the installer tried to copy failed. Could be just dodgy media for my burn of the SDK. And the script living on an ISO image from which you’re supposed to run isn’t a fantastic idea in the day of default noexec iso9660 mounts. Those are just nits though.

The setup once the SDK is up and running looks great. There’s a ton of connectivity options, USB networking, media card, the tools that package an app will also install. Simple operation. Sweet:

App installed on Greenphone

Still a lot more to do, but it’s going to have to be an adventure for another day. I would love to be able to swap over to this as my primary phone in a bit. I’m really digging the touchscreen, small fonts, camera. Yum.

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