I Want My Communications Implants Already Damnit

I’ve been playing around some with the way I send notifications to myself and how I respond to them and get more info. What I would really like is a constantly running connection to the network streaming me updates, but I have SMS, IM, and email notifications for now. I’ve been fooling around with different ways of getting follow on info. I was trying to embed an URL in the messages that went out, but particularly for SMS that was pretty cumbersome. So now I’m playing around with just putting a short ID into the event that comes to me and using that to link back to more info.

So when an email comes in it should have an id at the start that I can use to get more info. Like I get a message that says “3829 from: dbbackup@admob 6532347 archived (W)”. The W at the end should mean that there’s a warning to go along with it. How do I grab that info though? MGtalk does pretty well with allowing me to cut inbound messages out of it. So I’m playing around with sending the ID back to an IM bot to get more info. Like sending “@3829 b” would give me the full body of the message, and “@3829 u” would give me an URL for the message that I could snag and forward along or use to generate a response.

I’m still working on just pulling everything together at this point and getting it flowing through the system right, so this is just speculation at this point. I also would like to make sure that running this on my server doesn’t become an issue either. If my server is down or my filters are buggy I need to have backup systems in place. It would rock to be able to have my handset integrate the messages, giving me the version that came from my server in preference to the one from outside, and merging them together so I only have to look at each event once. Maybe once I get my Greenphone…. which Trolltech still hasn’t contacted me about. Was Benoit just spouting off saying that they would be shipping soon? Are they really as behind as the interweb says they are, and Benoit was just covering up? Maybe Norway is just frozen solid this time of year, and they’ll give me a call when the phone thaws out?

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