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Going to 3GSM This Year

I’m going to be going to 3GSM this year in an official capacity for AdMob. Which means I get to hit the MoMo event on Monday too, w00t! I’m sure the schedule is going to be pretty packed by the … Continue reading

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Greenphone – shipped, snagged, installed, compiled, w3wt!

My Greenphone came this morning. I hid it from myself during the day so that actual work would get done. But once I got home this evening I decided that I would get an app compiled myself installed on this … Continue reading

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Greenphone Ordered!!!

At 12:28pm PST I received an email from Sue at Trolltech informing me that the Greephone is now available for general order. It is now 12:38pm and I have the receipt sitting in my inbox. W00t!! Now begins the appropriate … Continue reading

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v3 Firmware for E61

I installed the v3 firmware for me E61 using the self-service updater. The hardest part of the update was getting the Windows machine to actually get back onto my wifi network after a reboot, would be great if they could … Continue reading

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Motorola Open Source

I was going to leave Andrea a comment on his post about Motorola open source, but Blogger comments seem to be screwy at the moment. I’ve spoken to a few people from Motorola and I have to admit that honestly … Continue reading

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Personal Location Based Communications

I’ve been skimming through a few of the presentations from Nokia World and taking a look at the MEX manifesto and thinking about some of the themes that came out of the >play conference. Location based services and advertising keep … Continue reading

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Greenphone Availability Rumours Greatly Exaggerated

I got a response back from Trolltech a little while ago. I had heard that orders were being taken for the Greenphone now. Turns out the Professional edition is available for order now, but others will be sold online (supposedly … Continue reading

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I Want My Communications Implants Already Damnit

I’ve been playing around some with the way I send notifications to myself and how I respond to them and get more info. What I would really like is a constantly running connection to the network streaming me updates, but … Continue reading

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Greenphone. Gimme gimme gimme gimme.

I went to the Homebrew Mobile Phone club meeting last night (I would put a pointer up, but their site seems to be down, which has already resulted in more email than I can handle right now… but trust me, … Continue reading

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Blog Comment Spambot Problem

Over the past few days the Apache server on my personal server has konked out a few times. Normally I’m in the middle of something else, annoyed, and running mostly on caffeine and willpower. So I just kick it over, … Continue reading

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