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December 2006 Silicon Valley MoMo

This Monday is the December 2006 Silicon Valley Mobile Monday meeting. I haven’t been out and about nearly as much as I used to be, I’ve been busy getting us to half a billion ad impressions served with as few … Continue reading

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Bloglines Mobile and Opera Mini 3

With the official version of Opera Mini 3 out now I removed the beta version and installed 3.0 release over 2. And then a half hour later as I was waiting for breakfast realized that Bloglines mobile isn’t working in … Continue reading

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Voice Unpopular?

I found this comment about cellphones kinda amusing: Today, it almost seems that voice calls are the least-used function of most phones, while Wi-Fi and WiMax use ever-growing amounts of network bandwidth. What world is that? I wanna go there. … Continue reading

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Non-SMS Mobile Messaging

Since it looks like carriers in the US aren’t really interested in people building SMS applications, I’ve been trying to figure out alternative ways to get messages to my handset. I registered Agile Messenger and played around with that. It … Continue reading

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Mac Mini Digital Optical Output

I had a Mac Mini hooked up to my LCD at home the other day while I was testing some stuff, and I really liked it. I had my laptop hooked up via DVI before, so I was prepared for … Continue reading

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Opera Mini 3.0 Beta

I saw Andrea’s post about Opera Mini 3.0 Beta being out and hopped over to grab it and fool around ( on your mobile browser to download it directly, it installed alongside the 2.0 version instead of over it for … Continue reading

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E61 and Putty

Putty for S60 is one of the coolest apps out there. There’s a relatively short list of apps that run directly on my phone that I consider critical. Putty is both critical in itself so that I can get to … Continue reading

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US Carriers Requiring Shortcodes – Developer Hostility Hits a New High

The SMTP gateways provided by US carriers kinda suck. Sure, at least we have something, European carriers don’t even have SMTP available. But that’s no excuse for the sucking. I need to deliver messages to myself from production servers, I’m … Continue reading

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Email Clients – Java vs Native App

The other day I decided to try out the GMail mobile app, and hell, since I was trying that I might as well give FlurryMail a shot as well. Both are really good applications actually, comparing pretty favorably to the … Continue reading

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Python S60 Flickr Upload

The Flickr Authentication docs have said that authentication for mobile applications might be available in the future. Apparently the future has not yet distributed to Flickr. The authentication interfaces rely on punching out to a browser to give permission to … Continue reading

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